7 Surprising Benefits Of EMS Training You Didn’t Know

7 Surprising Benefits Of EMS Training You Didn’t Know

You probably already know that exercising with EMS (electro muscle stimulation) is good for your health – and you’ve probably heard that doing sports is good for your heart, your back, your joints and your overall body. But if you’re like most people we know, this is not motivating enough to get you to sweat that butt off with regularity. That’s wrong!


But the good news is we’ve got emerging evidence that there are tons of reasons you should start exercising with EMS at any age (18+), no matter your physical condition.

There is no magic pill that brings results as EMS training does. Indeed, we believe EMS sessions are actually medicine to your body.


  1. EMS sessions are amazing for your brain

Less depression, improved mental retention and better awareness. Not even scientists can explain how and why EMS training transforms the complex activities of the brain, but it’s a field of study for active research nowadays. They already found that it develops better blood flow to the brain, feeding the increase of new vessels and triggering new cells and neurons.

So far, it’s been discovered that EMS training also helps people focus.


  1. EMS training and in fact, any type of sports makes you happy

Most research proves that any type of exercise determines people to feel better and triggers the release of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine.

We encourage everyone to stop focusing exclusively on the physical benefits of EMS training and take into consideration the emotional advantages of staying active.


  1. Training with EMS (electro muscle stimulation) lengthens your lifetime

It has been shown that exercise makes you age slower and reduces the getting-old process of your cells. As we grow old, the cells of our bodies separate over and over again, while the telomeres – the compound structure at the end of chromosomes – gets shorter.  Upon muscle biopsies and blood samples made on 10 healthy people before and after a 20 minute EMS session, researchers have found that the training increased the levels of small particules protecting the telomeres, clearly slowing down how they shorten over time.

So then, EMS training appears to really lengthen your lifetime in terms of cellular level.


  1. EMS (electro muscle stimulation) makes your skin look better

EMS training accelerates blood flow to your skin, delivering oxygen and nutrients that help your skin look and feel healthier.

That’s why when you have an injury or a wound, doctors recommend you to get moving as quickly as possible – not just to prevent your muscles from atrophying, but also to make sure you’re getting a good blood flow to your skin.


  1. Amazing things happen in just 20 minutes of training

It doesn’t have to take 2-3 hours of exercise to get all the benefits given by traditional sports. It’s been tested for years that 20 minutes of EMS training, consisting in exhausting intervals of all-out and followed by short recoveries, offer identical improvements in body functions even though traditional training is at least 3 times longer than EMS.

If you’re willing to try it, you’ll be surprised what these 20 minutes sessions do to you.


  1. EMS training helps you recover from major injuries

That’s new for most people, because for decades, having certain injuries or health issues resulted in being advised not to exercise. Nowadays, scientists discovered that EMS training is the most effective in helping people rehabilitate naturally, with less medication.


  1. Training with EMS shrinks your fat cells

Most of us know that in terms of energy sources, our bodies use carbohydrates and fats.

After regular EMS training, we get better at burning fat and that requires a lot of oxygen to help convert it into energy. One of the benefits of EMS training is that it strengthens our cardiovascular system, delivering better oxygen and metabolizing more fat as an energy source. The result is simple –fat cells shrink and so does low-grade inflammation.


If you have any tips or stories that could teach others about other benefits of EMS training, feel free to drop us a comment.