6 Reasons Why Popularity Of EMS Workouts Is Increasing Exponentially

6 Reasons Why Popularity Of EMS Workouts Is Increasing Exponentially

6 Reasons Why Popularity Of EMS Workouts Is Increasing Exponentially

Today, the EMS industry is flourishing in every country in the world, having many international EMS brands mushrooming in the field. To some extent, the credit for this boom goes to the Hollywood superstars and influencer divas who flaunt their toned bodies on display and inspire vs tease many fitness aspirers.
However, there are several other major factors that stand behind the success of EMS studios.

Here are just a few:

Increasing health awareness

In the present times, a higher number of people choose EMS workouts in opposition to their chaotic urban lifestyle. Doing EMS workouts increases the cardiovascular fitness and boosts your overall health, all while reducing stress, anxiety and other situations affecting your body.
Further, rising cases of obesity, osteoporosis, low bone density are also urging people to take better care of their health and diet through EMS workouts.

Earlier, only the women showed interest in the EMS workouts, but today even men are hitting the EMS studios and gyms. Thanks to the free internet access and TV, there has been a perspective shift of everyone, including men, who now consider EMS workouts a serious fitness experience.

Age is no limit for EMS

Through multiple studies, we are constantly reminded about the benefits of EMS workouts. People of every age group from 18 to 75 and beyond, need to workout to remain fit. Also, it needs to be kept in mind that the human body has different requirements depending on age and growing old is an indispensable part of life. Realizing this and coming to terms with the fact that those who use EMS workouts are happier and healthier compared to those who don’t, people are increasingly booking EMS sessions.

Increased number of EMS international brands

EMS popularity has led to a revolution in the Chinese industry. If we look around, we will find that EMS advertisements are everywhere. This is one of the main reasons behind the growth of Chinese, Indian or Italian EMS brands. A preventive approach to health and obesity has not only led to an increase in EMS sessions demand, but EMS equipments too. Big gyms, fitness clubs, beauty salons and already established studios are expanding their services to tap into the EMS market in each and every possible manner and reach out to potential new customers.
Given the growing demand, franchising EMS studios is also catching up really fast.

Growing EMS culture

The popularity is growing at a very fast pace as more and more people are joining the EMS movement for great health and great life. While EMS workouts are more likely to be found in urban areas and metros, the culture still needs to catch up in smaller towns and villages of each country. Gradually, everyone is embracing EMS workouts and sports clubs / beauty salons / gyms are becoming a fitness necessity for those who choose to live a healthy life.
People who do EMS have different objectives in mind. While some train for medical purposes, others seek to build a fit body.

EMS sessions can be private

One of the biggest advantages of doing EMS workouts is the possibility of training privately. It is one of the primary reasons that drives many fitness enthusiasts to EMS workouts.
Depending on the studio, the session could include strength machines, weights, treadmill, boxing kits, TRX, resistance bands, dumbbells, fit balls, etc.

Availability of personalized EMS workout programme

Nowadays, people don’t hesitate in spending remarkable amounts of money for looking and feeling good. The sheer amount of people training with EMS equipments is a testimony to this trend. But not everyone knows what exercise to do, how to do, when to do, what to eat, how to switch impulse frequency depending on your goals, etc. Here, the role of personalized EMS comes to play. One of the most important reasons why people need a personal trainer is to keep up to their target and follow a systematic training module to suit their objectives, get professional advice on EMS techniques and learn about correct nutrition.

As a result of all the above, the EMS industry has golden days ahead. Ready to grow by 20-30% every year, the market has high growth potential for both established and emerging investors.