4 Benefits For Training With The XBody Newave That Will Make You An EMS Workout Enthusiast


4 Benefits For Training With The XBody Newave That Will Make You An EMS Workout Enthusiast

No new sports trend has had quite the impact of the XBody Newave EMS machine. Chances are you’ve heard about it and all the stuff that goes with EMS workouts.

You’ll have heard strange vocabulary like “I’m going to do my XBody session” or “Just finished an XBody” and much more. You might have friends or colleagues that have taken up EMS using the XBody Newave and even tried other EMS technologies they found in their area.
It might sound kind of intimidating or you may just think it’s just another temporary “thing”, but the XBody Newave has a lot going for it and is definitely here to stay.

If you haven’t been tempted into an EMS workout with the XBody Newave machine, let us walk you through the benefits of EMS that are sure to make you an enthusiast.

#1 It’s convenient

When starting on a fitness challenge, many people struggle with whether to hire a personal trainer, join a sports center, or invest in a magic fitness innovation. The XBody Newave EMS machine gives you the benefits of all three of these.

Working out using the XBody Newave in any EMS studio will bring you all of the equipment you need for the all-around 20 minutes EMS session. Unlike a traditional gym, you don’t have to figure out everything on your own.

Your EMS sessions will be well guided by certified personal trainers and because the XBody Newave typically trains just one person at a time, you will get a much more tailored program than if you work out on your own. Best of all, you get the most attention from your EMS pesonal trainer.

If you have been thinking about using EMS workouts at home because you like the convenience and privacy, there’s bound you’ll find a mobile EMS trainer near you. The XBody Newave EMS machine is now a global phenomenon.

#2 Your strength will increase

One of the cornerstones of EMS workouts with the XBody Newave machine is strength training. The training program found on the XBody Newave is designed to help you get toned and get strong. Of course, that will contribute to helping you look great and if weight loss is part of your objectives, then improving strength will certainly help you too. EMS workout with the XBody Newave machine come in a variety of all-around programs based on a few types of movements and exercises, so don’t worry about having to learn more skills than you can handle. You’ll be surprised at how fun the XBody Newave machine can be and how quickly you’ll see the benefits from training with it.

The XBody Newave machine will not only get you stronger and fitter, but it will help you prevent injury and improve joint flexibility.

#3 You’ll finally become fit

EMS workouts with the XBody Newave machine aren’t just about strength training. Sure you’ll have days where your EMS workout is primarily about building strength and muscle, but on other days your EMS session will be totally different. The XBody Newave machine can introduce you to cardio EMS workouts that are much tougher and more fun, in a much shorter time than with traditional gyms.

The XBody Newave prides itself on combining the cardio benefits with strength training and sometimes even massage, for maximum benefits. Some EMS sessions push you very hard, but in short intervals that really anyone can do and throughout time, you’ll find that your speed, power and endurance highly improved!

#4 It’s fun

One of the best things about EMS training with the XBody Newave machine ia the variety. This is not the kind of traditional workout where you turn up and do pretty much the same exercises over and over. EMS sessions with the XBody Newave are designed to build a complex progression of hiit, cardio and massage. That means EMS workouts can get really creative and the range of exercises you can do on the XBody Newave machine is almost endless.


Hopefully, the XBody Newave EMS machine we’ve just talked about will get you motivated to check out your local EMS studio and give these sessions a try. You’ll get a tough workout by training for just 20 minutes.

Have you joined an EMS studio that’s using the XBody Newave and are feeling the benefits of EMS workouts?

We’d love to hear about your experience!

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