11 Ways To Motivate Your Customers To Stay Engaged In their EMS Workouts

11 Ways To Motivate Your Customers To Stay Engaged In their EMS Workouts

The road to better fitness is always challenging. In fact, it is usually causing clients to lose motivation along their fitness journey. 

A huge part of being a great personal trainer is managing to boost motivation, change habits and keep clients coming back to train with you. Customer loyalty is one of the most critical sides of running an EMS studio. It can be a challenge to help those who need you the most, but the harsh truth is that most customers are not triggered by EMS workouts alone.  For endless supplies of motivation, Help your clients find their why and connect it to ems workouts for an endless supply of motivation. 

Read below some of the best ways to shake off customer laziness we’ve collected. 

Use social media as a motivation trigger 

First and surely one of the most important ways to motivate customers is through the power of social media. From posting motivational images / text or creating Facebook / Whatsapp support groups to inspiring your customers to publish their weight-loss accomplishments — your options are endless. Because everyone is already spending a lot of time on social media, this is one of the most triggering methods to increase client motivation. 

Implement EMS workout challenges 

How does this work? Well, it’s always competition that can make any EMS sessions fun, but nevertheless, challenges also create a structure for your customers to follow. Good, old-fashioned EMS workout challenges using leaderboards can be just what some of your customers need to feel reinvigorated.

By diving their goals into small, yet achievable EMS challenges, reaching a specific weight-loss plan won’t sound that hard for your customers to attain.  The instant motivation boost from completing a small goal has this power of making your customers confident and happy to move further with their fitness objective. 

Use the Fit Express booking system 

The Fit Express booking system is a simple, powerful and effective solution to improve your customers’ motivation. The software already makes your everyday tasks easier, so why wouldn’t it help your clients? 

Fit Express booking system allows you to stay on top of everyone’s needs and track their entire progress, including impulse intensity levels and EMS workout times. Most of the times, customers forget how far they’ve come since they started training with EMS, but through the premium features of this booking system, you can directly communicate with your customer and keep reminding them about their EMS workout goals. 

Accentuate the positive 

Another way to keep everyone in your EMS studio motivated is by being yourself extremely positive. Having a smile on your face at all times while talking to your customers is one of the nicest ways to increase their self-esteem. Being positive also means you are focusing on the progress, instead of what is left to accomplish. 

Reward any type of victories 

We all like presents, right? Offering your clients small gifts when they have reached a certain milestone can be as little as a free smoothie, a free EMS session or a free massage. 

If you are generous with your compliments and congratulate them on any of their EMS fitness goals, clients will feel emotionally safe and maintain a good attitude towards your workout system. 

Offer a customized approach to each EMS workout 

If you are a professional EMS personal trainer, you know that the same motivation approach doesn’t work for everybody the same. Take into account how your customers are feeling on their EMS workout day, rather than addressing their overall fitness needs. 

This gives clients the feeling of being part of a personalized training program which always leads to long term client loyalty. 

Put it simply, nobody likes to feel like a pay-check for your pockets. 

Find out the ‘why’ behind your customers 

When you realize the ‘why’ behind the reason your clients are interested in EMS training in the first place, makes it easier to put together a realistic workout plan and move forward. 

Finding their solid reason to do EMS workouts and reminding it to them at all times makes EMS training so much easier 

Understand that the kind of music you like, isn’t always the kind of music your customer likes 

As an EMS personal trainer, music is part of your lifestyle. But your kind of music doesn’t always translate to customers. 

Make EMS workouts as enjoyable as possible. Clients surely have favorite artists they want to workout to. Ask them before each session what are they in the mood to listen. 

If they like your music, make sure you share your playlist with them. 

Make EMS sessions fun 

Make sure to always offer something new in your EMS workouts. One of the main reasons people give up to their EMS sessions is because it can get boring. It’s not nice to hear, but it’s the truth. The last thing you want is to see your customers bored, so when that happens, start mixing up their EMS workout routine. Obviously, not every single EMS session is going to be the most exciting. But if you do a great job at being a fun person, clients will most likely buy in your attitude and be more excited about their EMS workouts. 

Highlight dedication by choosing a member of the month or week 

Showcasing your customers’ efforts will inspire others to stay motivated and push harder. 

Throw studio anniversary parties 

Just like a client’s birthday is worth celebrating and remembering, so is your EMS studio! 

Invite all your studio’s members to celebrate that day and take the opportunity to offer them some freebies. You can also partner with a local business for more exposure and discounts on food / drinks. 

Your customers need you. They want you to lead, but not by simply telling them what to do and how to workout, but by bringing out their inner strengths and revealing the ‘why’ that keeps them coming back to their EMS workouts consistently.