10 Tips For A Successful EMS Studio Business

10 Tips For A Successful EMS Studio Business


10 Tips For A Successful EMS Studio Business

If you are just entering the EMS market, you should know it is a great time for growth and opportunity. Awareness of the profit benefits that EMS studios bring has been expanding for over 4 years, as is the EMS client market.

This increased business opportunity is accompanied by a huge influx of new EMS studios into the industry, which means increased competition.

What kind of EMS studio are you going to open and what type of clientele are you going to train?

Where will you choose to open your EMS studio?

Will the EMS studio be a part time or a full time career for you?

What type of EMS trainer certification will you choose?

What type of booking system will you use?

Places where you can open your EMS business to train your customers include at-home-services, outdoors, private EMS studios, parks, gyms, fitness centres, health clubs, beauty salons.

Look for an area where you will have the highest number of clients available in as small an area as possible.

Another road to success as an EMS studio is the ability to identify an audience for whom you are qualified to work with enjoyment.

A few examples of areas of specialisation:

—> athletes and body-builders

—> seniors

—> weight loss

—> women

When targeting a group, you must have the skill and knowledge to offer EMS sessions and expertise that others cannot (or at least not as good as you).

The EMS studio as a full or part-time career

EMS business owners have the advantage of being able to determine their own schedules. As with any other business, when you dedicate yourself entirely to an industry, you will be more likely to succeed. Consistent income from managing an EMS studio takes short time to develop, but only if additional steps are made right.

Avoid burning yourself out and take the time off

A successful EMS studio owner needs to allow time for their own workouts and personal interests, as well as an occasional week off. You need to be able to give 100% to your studio members! You also need time for yourself even if this sometimes means getting totally away from your daily environment. Allow at least one week away from your EMS studio each year.

Customer cancellations 

Have your customers be committed to their EMS bookings from the start. Most common cancellations involve customer illness, family emergencies or work priorities, which means you will face some weekly EMS session cancellations.

Determine a minimum time ahead for the customer to cancel, otherwise, deduct an EMS session from their membership. Present company policy when signing up for the membership.

No surprises, no hard feelings. Your time is valuable, just as theirs.

Certification & education

Most successful EMS studios depend on successful personal trainers with strong background in sports or great passion for fitness.

Becoming a qualified EMS personal trainer requires getting a certification from accredited organisations that specifically offer workshops and lectures held around the country or online.

Be creative at getting people to find out about your EMS studio

Offer limited time, free trial workouts to large groups of people in a community centre or city gym. Focus on offering the best possible first impression. Set the tone for potential relationship longevity.

Listen to the customer

Listen to everything your customer tells you they want. Make eye contact while listening as often as possible. Ask your clients what they expect from an EMS workout and describe how your EMS studio and personal trainer will help them accomplish their goals.

Be specific about their progress.

Get favours from friends and family

No one cares more about you and your EMS studio than your family and close friends. Ask them whether they’d help you out as far as online marketing on their personal social media was concerned. This is the time to call in favours and get everybody you know do marketing for your EMS studio.

There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising and referrals are your lifeblood in the EMS industry.

Include 6 months of marketing efforts in your EMS studio business plan

Marketing your EMS studio is your continued implementation of efforts that combine online campaigns, paid ads, event strategies, etc, so you can constantly get new leads and attract the right type of customers.

Nurture your clients or they will leave

Keep communication with customers at high levels to show you are interested in what progress everybody is doing.

We hope that reading this post, you learned a few simple tricks on how to make your EMS studio more successful.

Clients need to know what your EMS studio is offering and why they should spend their money with you instead of someone else.

Good luck in building your successful EMS studio!