10 things to consider when choosing an EMS training studio

10 things to consider when choosing an EMS training studio

When looking for EMS studios to train in, choosing one with a middle price range will ensure that you will receive good quality services. EMS workouts have been around us as a fitness approach for a long time and while most people we’ve spoken to already have their favorite EMS studios to train in, we are still receiving inquiries from those that are curious to know what muscle zapping EMS machine to use, where and why.


Choosing the right EMS studio to train in is raising many eyebrows throughout consumers and outlines tremendous warnings due to poor understanding of how it should work and in what conditions.


Let’s go over the basics.


  1. Are all EMS machines powerful enough? Not most of them. The machines we recommend are XBody and Justfit. The equipment needs to be in good working condition.
  2. Guaranteed, you will sweat. Which means your body will lose water. Be sure to choose a personal trainer that guides you to drink water before, during and after the EMS training session.
  3. Look beyond disconts and avoid sites like Groupon, Zumzi or all the other ones offering package deals. They’re great, only if you can simply get a free EMS training session to test out a certain location before committing to a long-term EMS membership.
  4. Remember the devil is in the details, so pay attention to them. Is the lighting in the EMS studio bothering you? Or maybe the music is too loud? Things like that may not seem important during your initial EMS training session, but can surely become major issues later on. Find an EMS studio that is inspirational, energizing and makes you want to train.
  5. Look for signs of a clean EMS studio, where employees disinfect the equipment after use and enforce hygiene standards.
  6. In addition to access to the EMS training session, check if the studio provides a shower, a locker, towels and hygiene products.
  7. Most people forget how mandatory it is to have qualified employees. Though many EMS studios pride themselves on the certification of their staff, there are still many others who are less qualified to perform.
  8. EMS is not cheap. Wherever you decide to join, you’ll be incurring an expense that is most of the times tied to what the studio has to offer. Pay for what you need.
  9. Take a good look at the cotton underwear equipment, that you wear under the vest. Make sure it is properly maintained. If it smells strange or looks like a mess, you need to evaluate if it is something you can put up with everytime you come and train. On the other hand, some people decide to buy their own underwear equipment to avoid this huge turnoff.
  10. Before you sign up for an EMS membership, make sure to check the fitness accessories the studio includes (aside from the EMS device). Make sure there are plenty available.


“You need to find an EMS studio where you can be most comfortable – a place with personal trainers that are going to help you stick with it”, says Arpad Rudas, CEO at Fit Express. “That’s how you are going to progress and see the long-term benefits.”


Hopefully, these 10 facts made things easier for you in deciding what EMS studio to join. It’s really important to take everything in consideration. If you don’t like something about a place, you can surely check out some others, especially since EMS studios are popping up almost everywhere.