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Why fit express?

Because you will love it!

the dream team

Our team at Fit Express is comprised of industry experts, visionary engineers, and passionate fitness professionals all united by one common goal: to revolutionize the way people train.


Years of Expertise


Countries we opened EMS Studios

Fit Express stands as an EMS fitness studio expert and a premier provider of EMS technology & equipment. We’ve implemented EMS in gyms and fitness studios of all types. Working closely with business owners, we’ve improved their business models and increased their profits.

400+ Fitness studios opened worldwide

fda cleared

EMS devices that are FDA cleared ensure safety and quality standards, that make it a trusted choice for business owners & fitness enthusiasts alike. Products that are FDA cleared have an extra guarantee that you’re in a safe environment while you train.

Value Proposition

Advantages of our EMS Devices


20 minute training with EMS = 90 minute training of traditional workout


20% more efficient in weight loss than traditional workouts


Small space required for EMS training


Work more muscle groups simultaniously


Highest return-on-investment in fitness equipment

working out with EMS

what They’re Saying

Master trainers Testimonials

Mikael Padilla US Master Trainer

“EMS training has completely transformed our approach to fitness. It allows for deeper muscle activation beyond what is possible with conventional workouts, helping clients achieve accelerated results in both strength and endurance. This isn’t just a step forward in workout efficiency; it’s a leap towards a new standard in physical fitness.” Mikael Padilla –  US Master Trainer

Cosmin Cobuz - Eu Master Trainer

“EMS training is rapidly becoming recognized for its efficiency in improving body composition and muscular endurance. The technology allows for highly personalized training programs, ensuring clients receive the most effective workout in minimal time. EMS is setting a new benchmark for fitness training across the industry.” Cosmin Cobuz –  EU Master Trainer

the final move in the fitness industry 

Make an opinion of yourself by looking through our special dedicated section of articles about EMS and the business side of the story. How can EMS be profitable? Find out how EMS can be the best alternative for your gym and how happy your clients can be after they start working out with it. It’s that simple!

Grow your business with ems technology

For every purchase made in the period of June 19 – July 20 we offer a free business model playbook that has guided over 400 fitness studios worldwide and doubled their turnover.